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British Values

British Values


At Manorcroft Primary School we value the diversity of backgrounds of all pupils, families and our wider school community. Throughout our curriculum we offer many opportunities to explore different cultures, faiths, religions and beliefs as we feel that these experiences enrich the children’s knowledge and promote their tolerance and respect of others.

At Manorcroft we aim to nurture and support our children on their journey thorough primary school to enable them to grow into safe, caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant adults who can make a positive difference to British society and to the wider world.

The Department of Education defines British Values as follows:

  • respect for democracy and support participation in the democratic process
  • respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England
  • support for equality of opportunity for all
  • support and respect for the liberties of all within the law
  • respect for and tolerance of different faiths and religions and other beliefs

In addition to our SMSC provision which runs throughout all of our learning at Manorcroft, we also promote British values in the following way


The process of democracy is taught explicitly within the PHSCE curriculum as part of the ‘It’s Our World’ and ‘Join In; Join Up’ topics.

Pupils experience the democratic system through taking part in elections for School Council reps and head boy/ head girl elections. Other opportunities for making use of voting occur during specific events such as the annual Talent Show contest.

The School Council enables the voice of all pupils to be heard. Pupils are able to make their own contribution to the running of the school as well as contributing to specific projects that matter to them. Voting to make decisions following discussions is a strategy often used within school council meetings.

All pupils are encouraged to express their views and opinions and make meaningful contributions to the school on matters that involve them. Within each class, pupils formulate their own class rules following a democratic process of discussion, debate and decision.

Pupils also have the opportunity to learn about the effects of democracy in the wider world through visits to museums and religious institutions as well as receiving visitors from members of public services such as police and fire officers.

Rule of Law 

School rules and the Manorcroft Behaviour Programme set out a clear system of rewards and consequences for all pupils to follow. These expectations are made clear to children throughout their time at school and the system is followed by all adults working within the school.

Throughout the PHSCE curriculum, pupils are taught the difference between right and wrong and this message is reinforced during playtimes, assemblies and within the classroom. The SEAL programme and values of the school further develop the children’s self awareness and understanding of the importance of making good choices.

Pupils are encouraged to respect the law and Manorcroft benefits from visits from members of local public authorities such as the police and fire service. Year 6 children have the opportunity to develop their own skills and knowledge by attending a Junior Citizen trip.

The school behaviour and anti-bullying policies set a clear guideline for pupils, staff and parents to follow and ensure that the school expectations are clear to all stakeholders in the school.

Equality of opportunity 

Equality of Opportunity permeates everything we do in school and we work hard to ensure that equal opportunities guidance is followed. This guarantees that there will be no discrimination to any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status or similar.

Our topic-based curriculum is planned carefully with the needs of all pupils in mind. Access to learning is enabled through the use of individualised resources, staffing and target setting. In addition to learning within the school, equality of opportunity is promoted in all that we do including sports clubs, prefect opportunities and involvement in all activities.

Individual liberty 

Across the school, pupils are encouraged to develop their own self awareness and self belief and are actively encouraged to express their own ideas and opinions both during lessons and throughout the school.

Throughout the school, our ethos encourages pupils to develop their own self knowledge, self esteem and self confidence. The H.A.T.S. club provides additional support for vulnerable children that have been identified at school. The NRLP drama stars project has also had a positive impact on developing the confidence of some of our vulnerable children.

Our PHSCE curriculum, behaviour system and assemblies encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour and support their learning about right and wrong as well as making decisions. Additional support is made available to specific pupils as required to reinforce the importance of making the right choices.

Our pupils are actively encouraged to develop independence in their learning and to think for themselves. The school-wide focus on Building Learning Power and quality Wave provision enables pupils develop their independence with their own learning.

Pupils have the opportunity to take up roles of responsibility across the school including school council, prefects (Years 4-6), litter monitors and class monitors.

Within school, pupils are encouraged to make choices within a safe and supportive environment for example, by signing up to extra curricular clubs.

Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs 

Respect forms one of our Golden Rules and is a core value of the school. This is reflected in the ethos of the whole school. All children know that respect is expected for everyone, staff, pupils and visitors. Our school rules and behaviour system promote respect and tolerance and focused topics including Say No to Bullying Week and E-Safety promote the importance of respect and tolerance.

As part of our RE and PHSCE curriculum we explicitly consider the importance of respect and tolerance, challenging stereotypes and promoting understanding and tolerance of those with other beliefs. All major religions are studied and respected and children are encouraged to celebrate differences and similarities with other beliefs and cultures.

At Manorcroft school, we are proud of our diversity and celebrate this with our Global Board display and Global Celebration Days. We offer a rich and diverse topic-based learning curriculum which offers children the opportunity to develop their understanding of other cultures and religions. Reading stories from other cultures as part of Literacy learning, assemblies or within class reading times enables children to further develop their own knowledge and understanding of different cultures, faiths and beliefs.

Respect and tolerance are promoted throughout the school, for example Early Years take great enjoyment when learning about different cultures, faiths and beliefs including Diwali and Chinese New Year.