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Eco School

ECO-Friendly School

How is Manorcroft an eco-friendly school?

All around the school, from the Infants to the Juniors to the staff, we are doing our bit to be eco-friendly.

But how??


  • Every day a different year group does a litter pick. We wear bright green jackets so we can be seen. We also wear gloves so that we don’t get hurt by the litter and to be clean. We also have a litter pick which is a long stick with clippers on the end to pick up the litter.


  • We are a litter free school! Don’t drop litter and pick litter up when you see it and put it in the bin - don’t just walk past it. After you have done that always wash your hands!!!


  • All the classrooms have signs next to the door to remind the last person to switch off the lights once we have used them. This means we don’t waste electricity.


  • Every class has a recycle bag so that we can put waste paper in it and it can be recycled.


  • Each year group has two eco-warriors and they are in charge of emptying the recycling bags and checking that their class is being eco-friendly.