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Governors' Main Roles


  • To monitor and review the performance of the school through detailed performance reports and measures. They review changes and the practices and inverventions used to continuously improve performance. 
  • To use the variety of skills and experience they bring to both support and challenge the school's senior leadership team (SLT)
  • To make decisions about the school's budget and staffing and alongside the SLT they ensure that the resources available are best used to the benefit of the children
  • To help ensure that Safeguarding and Health and Safety policies are complete and up-to-date and closely monitor their implementation. The Safeguarding governor actively monitors compliance with current legislation.
  • To ensure that the school provides for all pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and other vulnerable groups.

Governors are assigned to each subject and year group. They make termly evidence based evaluations on the subject performance and future development plans. they monitor each year group and remain, where possible, with the same cohort  so they know the pupils and monitor progression over time.