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Parent Surveys


Below are the results of our last full parent questionnaire in July 2017 which had 178 responses:


95% of parents agree or strongly agree their child is happy and enjoys school.

94% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is safe and well looked after

91% of parents agree or strongly agree that Manorcroft School has high expectations of behaviour.

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What we do well:

Kids are safe, happy and they love going to school

All members of staff are approachable and fully dedicated to the children. I know that any concerns I have as a parent will be taken seriously and action taken accordingly.

The teachers who clearly put an enormous amount of effort, care and attention into teaching and supporting children in their classes.  The range of activities and topic based learning activities open to the children.

Always keeps the parents informed about how the children are getting on.
The members of staff are always ready to answer any questions you have.
Overall a great school.

There have been some really positive changes at school in the last few years. The new homework plan, the whole school event calendar being given at the beginning of the year which makes it a lot easier for us working parents to plan leave to make sure we can attend school events, the introduction of a breakfast club, topic afternoon and much more emphasis being put on sport which it is so important for children. Well done and thank you!

The wide range of additional activities e.g. Greek day, author visits, choir trips, writing competitions

The children are encouraged to do their best and express themselves, through learning and play but understanding that you need to respect each other.

School feels like a second family, my kids are well looked after in every aspect from safety to develop to school and community values

Both my daughters love Manorcroft and I'm always really impressed by the teachers efforts and the environment they create that's helps my children thrive!


Please see our ‘You Said, We Did’ on the Parent View page where we have responded to our areas for development identified in the parent feedback.