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Respect, Responsibility & Resilience

School Council


What is a School Council?

A School Council is a group of students who have been elected by their classmates to represent their views and ideas. They can raise issues with the Senior Leaders and Governors of their school. A School Council can also propose and take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of their peers.

The object of an effective School Council is to help children and young people to:

• enjoy and feel empowered by their education

• feel that their school responds to their ideas, needs and views

• have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them

• have a say about decisions and to play an active role in making their school a better place

• develop life skills through participation

Who is part of the School Council at Manorcroft?

At Manorcroft, each class from Year 1 to Year 6 has one elected representative on the School Council. In September, each person who wanted to represent their class completed a short application form explaining why they felt the School Council was important and what they might do if elected to the School Council. The children in each class listened to these ideas and then voted for the person they felt would represent their class the most effectively. The application forms for the children with the highest votes were then collected by Mrs Jordan and the final School Council representatives were chosen.

What does my School Council Representative Do?

Your School Council representative goes to weekly meetings to represent their class and the ideas and suggestions that their class has made. They will explain these ideas to the School Council for them to think about. If the School Council thinks that the class’s ideas are good, they will follow them up and then let the class know what has happened as a result. They may also ask the children in their class for their input on other ideas that other classes have had. They will also meet with Mrs Ruddick and other leaders in school to discuss important ideas and discuss possible new initiatives and changes. They may also ask the children in their class to vote on different possibilities.

School Council Events 2017-2018

Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term, the School Council was involved in many different activities and events. The highlights of these were:

-Co-ordinating the NSPCC money raising campaign, which raised over £1000 for the NSPCC. We met with a representative from the NSPCC to discuss possible fund raising activities. We asked our classes to vote for their favourite ideas and then we chose a final activity which was run in each class across the school.

-Organising a Red Nose Day competition for all children to design their own ‘spot’ to raise money for Comic Relief. We introduced the competition in a Golden Assembly and then collected and judges all of the entries. We then awarded prizes to the winners.

-Introducing school events such as the KS1 Harvest Celebration

-Creating Suggestion Boxes for every class across the school to allow all children to make their own suggestions for our school.

Spring Term

During the Spring Term, our highlight was organising a Time Capsule to be buried at the site of Egham Orbit, the new leisure centre in Egham. Following a vote in which all members of the school had the chance to share their ideas about what should be included in the time capsule, we made the final decision about what the contents should be. We also ran a ‘Letter to the Future’ competition which we launched in a Golden Assembly. The winning entries were added into the time capsule. Please see the ‘Latest News’ page or click here for more information and photos of the day we buried the time capsule.


Mrs Jordan

School Council Link Teacher, January 2018