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French (MfL)

At Manorcroft, we have chosen French as the language we teach children. Through teaching French, we aim to develop positive attitudes, interest and enthusiasm for other languages and deepen children’s understanding of the world, giving them an awareness of different cultures. We focus on building the children’s confidence to express themselves in French through speaking and writing, as well as developing their understanding of what they hear and read. We are giving children their first step into a world full of languages, which will enable them to transfer to the KS3 curriculum and other languages successfully.

Children begin to learn French in KS2 and the curriculum is delivered using the language platform ‘Salut!’. This is based on the National Curriculum 2014. The units have been mapped out to ensure clear progression of knowledge and skills across the four year groups. French is taught within and beyond the classroom as part of our commitment to outdoor learning.

Teachers use a variety of techniques to support children in learning French:

  • Games - to develop vocabulary through repetition
  • Role-play - related to situations in which children may find themselves in the future
  • Songs and rhymes - to further develop vocabulary
  • High quality reading materials
  • Praise - we build children’s confidence through praise for any contribution they make in French, however tentative


  • Children will be provided with opportunities to communicate with each other in the target language of French
  • Children will learn how language skills can be applied to a range of languages
  • Children will be aware that language has structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another
  • Children will develop their understanding of language through development of the four key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Children will enrich their language learning by developing an understanding of culture