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At Manorcroft Primary School, our intent is to engage pupils and inspire them to develop a love of music through a variety of memorable musical experiences. Our music curriculum focusses on providing our pupils with the opportunities to learn to sing in a group, recognise and use a variety of musical instruments and understand the dimensions of music.

Music is taught through the Music Express scheme of learning which provides a clear progression from EYFS through to the end of KS2. This revisits knowledge and skills over time, with the complexity of skills being carefully suited to each year group. The music co-ordinator has carefully planned the units of work that each year group will complete to ensure the National Curriculum and Early Years framework content is covered. Each unit of work has a musical focus such as performance, composition and pitch. Music is taught within and beyond the classroom as part of our commitment to outdoor learning.

Our music curriculum begins in the Early Years where children have daily opportunities to sing well-known nursery rhymes and songs within class lessons and explore musical instruments during continuous provision. In KS1 and KS2, music lessons involve a combination of games, songs, listening to and appraising music, playing instruments, performing and sharing, composing or improvisation. Children also have the opportunity to sing together as part of a larger group during our weekly KS1 and KS2 singing assemblies.

Throughout a child’s time at Manorcroft, they will be given the opportunity to learn 4 different instruments at a basic level:

  • Years 1 & 2      -          Xylophone
  • Year 3               -          Ukulele
  • Year 4               -          P-Cornet
  • Years 5 & 6      -          Recorder

Through this exposure, as well as weekly peripatetic music teaching and RockSteady, children are given the opportunity to find an instrument that they like to play and pursue this passion. 

Our pupils are highly engaged in practical musical activities. They listen to and respond to music, use specific musical language and work co-operatively and collaboratively to create and enjoy music experiences. It is our aim that all children at Manorcroft are able to enjoy music through listening, creating and/or performing.