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School Uniform


The Manorcroft Primary School uniform is supplied by School Uniform Direct.  They have a shop at 23 High Street, Staines or items can be ordered by clicking here.

Click here for a list of the uniform requirements.

Personal Appearance – Boys and Girls


Hair is to be neat and tidy at all times.  No extreme haircuts, styles, dyes or to wear hair gel or similar products.  Girls’ hair below collar length must  be tied back in a tidy style using Navy or White hair bands.  No other hair accessories will be permitted.  Boys’ hair is tobe short (not below collar) and all children’s hair to be clear of eye line.


No jewellery or make-up to be worn.  Analogue watches may be worn in the Juniors only but need to be removed for PE and swimming.  Responsibility for the loss or damage remains with the owner.

The school provides all writing equipment, therefore pencil cases are not required in school, this also relates to play equipment which should not be bought in.

Items of value should not be bought into school.  Mobile phones are not allowed in school unless specific permission has been give by the Head Teacher.

Any exception to the above will require medical evidence.